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DRONE The Game

Weapon Systems

This is general information. I am not good formatting wikis;If anyone can do better. I encourage you to do so.

Weapons are used to deal damage to your opponent. They are vital for winning and you won't be able to enter a game without them.

Planned/Possible/Ideas Feature(s) -This information is subject to change. - Not Currently in-game and might not be added.

Cooling. Cools down you weapons quicker.

Energy & Battery, Increases the time you can fire energy weapons.

Energy Weapons will deal more damage to Shields

Ballistic Weapons will deal more damage to Armor

Rocket Blast Radius 0-24Cubes(1Meter in Builder)

Distance Measured in Cubes - Damage Dealt.

0-8Cubes 400Damage

9Cubes - 375

10Cubes - 350

11Cubes - 325

12Cubes - 300

13Cubes - 275

14Cubes - 250

15Cubes - 225

16Cubes - 200

17Cubes - 175

18Cubes - 150

19Cubes - 125

20Cubes - 100

21Cubes - 75

22Cubes - 50

23Cubes - 25

24Cubes - 0

Weapon Types

Gun Type & Limit Cap - Firing Rate in seconds.(And their gain per weapon) - Damage per Shot - Damage per second.

4Smg - Total 48Bullets/s(12ea) -10Damage -480Dps

4Sologun Total 10Bullet/s(2.5ea) -60Damage -600Dps

6 A50 Pulse Total 16Bullet/s(3ea) -40Damage -640Dps

3 A80 Pulse Total 12Bullet/s(4ea) -40Damage -480Dps

4Beams 4 hitscan(1ea) -150Damage/s -600Dps

2Shotguns 20Pellets/Shot 4Shots/s(2ea)-8Damage -640Dps

4Rockets Total 4Rocket/s(1 ea) -400Damage -1600Dps

Beam, Solo, Smg, Sg, and Rocket Variants are currently Identical. Pulse being the only exception.

Cannons, Snipers etc. do not currently work and have no Numbers known

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