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DRONE The Game


"Stepping into the pilot station might worry you the first time around, rookie, but winning is easier than you think. Did you read the manual?"

The Operator's Manual[edit]

Read the damn FAQ

Flight 101[edit]

Shooting basics[edit]


Pickups are special objects scattered through the arena, which give you resources on contact. At the moment there are 4 types:

Health packs
  • It has the appearence of a medkit that emits green light
  • Repairs your hull over time
  • There are 2 types:
    • The small one (small amount of hp)
    • The big one (all hp, very slow)
  • It has the appearence of a missile that emits red light
  • Gives you missiles to fire (stored in launchers)
  • There are 2 types:
    • Single (1 missile)
    • Pack (3 missiles)
Sticky Mines
  • It has the appearence of a flat disc with a red dot on it
  • Gives you 3 mines that can be placed on surfaces with "F" (they are stored on inventories)
Nitro canister
  • It has the appearance of a blue cartridge that emits blue light
  • Gives you an extra boost canister. When you run out of boost, a canister is inmediatly used to refill your boost bar to 100% (stored in fuel tanks)

Tip: pickups respawn every 60s. Learn their spots!

Basic mechanics[edit]



In FFA (Free For All) the rules are simple, as it is the bread and butter of D.R.O.N.E. tournaments

  • No teams
  • 1st to 30 kills wins!

Some basic strategies are trying to steal others people kills and don't exposing yourself too much to crossfires


This event is more reliant on your teammates, and is also very basic Rules

  • 2-4 teams
  • 1st team to 100 kills wins!

Some basic strategies involve the use of your team to control areas of the map with resources, or coordinate for mining big indoors areas


Not added yet

PowerBall is an event more akin to human sports like football, but with an added dimension. The "ball" is represented by the O.R.B., a floating ball of energy. You can pick it up by just touching it, it'll stick like glue. The O.R.B. will disable your weapons, so it'll detach when you try to shoot it. After shooting, it will be given some force in that direction, and will slowly decelerate to a stop. To score a point, just make the O.R.B. collide with the (name of the goal) Rules

  • 2 teams
  • First to () points wins!

Some startegies are to protect your (name of the goal), and have very quick D.R.O.N.E. to score

Tip: the O.R.B. is marked on your radar with a rainbow star
Tip: the O.R.B. is bouncy, try to shoot it towards the terrain for some sick plays!


Not added yet

An event without violence, or at least without guns. Racing involves trying to be the 1st to cross the finish line before everyone else, and weapons are not permitted. The only pickups present are health packs and nitro canisters. This event features an special structure, the Gateway. These gates must be crossed in order to reach the finish line. If your drone would happen to be incapacitated, it will respawn on the last Gateway Rules

  • No weapons
  • Go through the Gateways in order
  • Fisrt to the finish line wins!


  • Possible ruleset editor and custom gamemode creator?
  • BR ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


The main meta at the moment is spamming armor and sniping with MG's in one corner. However, if you like gameplay you can learn some flying tricks to be on top of the competition.

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